• Brooke Cochran

Delicious High Fiber Green Smoothie

Updated: May 11, 2019

Short and sweet recipe today!

So let's start with this: I AM A CHILD. I have the taste-buds of a child. I don't like many veggies. So this smoothie helps me not only hit my fiber goal, but hit my veggie goal for the day!

I first made this smoothie after reading Dita Von Teese's book, Your Beauty Mark. I've since tweaked the recipe exactly to my liking!


-100g Baby Spinach

-1 Apple (~120-140g) Any kind, but granny smith is definitely my fave!

-1/2 Banana (~40-50g)

-Squeeze of lemon juice

Throw it all in the blender (LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE my Ninja! Having a good, POWERFUL, blender is key!) with 1 cup of water and another cup-ish of ice cubes and blend away!

Macros listed are approximate and will vary depending on the size of your apple and banana, but they are for the ENTIRE smoothie! Drink up!

APPROXIMATE MACROS: 193cal | 9g Protein | 0g Fat | 42g Carbs | 11.3g fiber

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