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Top 3 Decadent & Delicious Mug Cakes! (High Protein)

Before you Pinterest search "healthy mug cakes" let's talk about my history of trying to make "healthy" mug cakes with "healthier" alternatives like almond/coconut flours and coconut oil.

NEWS FLASH: They were gross. Honestly, there was nothing more disappointing than waiting those 60-90 seconds just to pull my mug cake out of the microwave and get a fork full of what tasted like a mixture of sand and a sponge.

So, I retired the idea of trying to have mug cakes for a while since I wasn't able to find a "healthy" recipe that was ACTUALLY edible....... Enter IIFYM. If you don't know what IIFYM is, it means "if it fits your macros." Basically, as long as you hit your macro-nutrient goals for the day, you can eat whatever you want! And THAT is the reason why I love it!

This isn't some new crash diet or fad, it's simply a way of eating to reach your goals. You can be IIFYM and keto, IIFYM and vegan, IIFYM and paleo.... the list goes on! BUT, the best thing about living an IIFYM lifestyle is there are no foods that are demonized, nothing is off limits. This notion is why IIFYM works so well in my life. If you know me, you know I have a history of disordered eating and body dysmorphia, so having all of my favorite foods available to me and not having to classify anything as "good," "bad," "healthy," or "unhealthy" is SUPER beneficial! I love it! Plus, even on days where I still suffer from negative thoughts about my body, I can just hit my macros and KNOW that my body is getting the nutrients it needs! Anyway, y'all came here for mug cakes, not my life story or an essay on why I love tracking macros. For more info on IIFYM visit IIFYM Bikini Boss!


First, my secret ingredient: KODIAK CAKES PANCAKE MIX! You guys.... this stuff. It's magic, I'm convinced! It is the basis for all three of these cakes, so if you don't have it already, order yourself some, or check out their website to locate a store near you that sells it!

RECIPE NO1: Chocolate Peanut Butter Mug Cake


-1/2c (53g) Kodiak Cake Pancake Mix

-1.5T (23g) Egg Whites (I get mine in a carton from Aldi!)

-1T Light Brown Sugar

-20g Mini Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

-2T Baking Cocoa

-1T (16g) All-Natural Unsweetened PB (The kind I use from Aldi only has two ingredients: peanuts, and sea salt)

-Water (to consistency)

How To:

1. Add pancake mix, brown sugar, and cocoa to mug & mix.

2. Add egg whites and water to mix. Start with about 1/8c of water, up to about 1/4c if needed. Mix well.

3. Add 10g of your chocolate chips to batter, gently fold into mixture. Be careful, don't mix much or they will sink to the bottom!

4. Place mug in microwave for 60-90sec.

5. Take out and top with peanut butter and remaining chocolate chips! Enjoy!

APPROXIMATE MACROS: 473cal | 23gP | 66gC | 17gF | 11g fiber

RECIPE NO2: Brownie Strawberry Cheesecake Mug Cake


-Strawberries (I used ~55g)

Mug Cake:

-1/2c (53g) Kodiak Cake Pancake Mix

-3T (46g) Egg Whites

-1T Light Brown Sugar

-20g Mini Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

-2T Baking Cocoa

-Water to consistency (about 1/8c)

Cheesecake Topping:

-1pkg. Sugar-free Cheesecake Pudding

-1c Unsweetened Original Almond Milk

How To:

1. Add almond milk and pudding mix to bowl, whisk for 2 minutes then place in fridge.

2. Add pancake mix, brown sugar, and cocoa to mug & mix.

3. Add egg whites and water to mix. Mix well.

4. Add half (10g) of the chocolate chips. Mix gently (just like last time!)

5. Microwave for 90 seconds.

6. Add about 5g of remaining chocolate chips to top (so they get all melty and delicious). Chop up strawberries and add them to the top (save a couple pieces).

7. Add 1/4 cheesecake mixture to the top, a couple pieces of strawberry and remaining chocolate chips.

BAM! There you have it: Delicious brownie strawberry cheesecake! I think of the three....if I HAAAAAD to choose, this would be my favorite!

APPROXIMATE MACROS: 442cal | 22gP | 73gC | 9gF | 10.7g fiber

RECIPE NO3: Chocolate Chip Banana Nut Muffin Mug Cake


-1/2c (53g) Kodiak Cake Pancake Mix

-3T (46g) Egg Whites

-1T Light Brown Sugar

-5g Mini Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

-50g Over ripe Banana (about 1/2 of a banana)

-0.5oz Walnuts

-1-2T of water

How To:

1. Mash up banana in mug.

2. Add egg whites and brown sugar (and cinnamon if you like) and mix well!

*I also saved a small pinch of brown sugar to add to the top after its cooked!*

3. Add in pancake mix, stir to combine

4. Add in water. Start with just 1tbsp. You want this to have the consistency of banana bread.

5. Add in most of the walnuts and half of the chocolate chips. Fold in gently.

6. Microwave for 90 seconds.

7. Remove from microwave and top with remaining walnuts, chocolate chips, and brown sugar you saved. Enjoy!

Yummmmmmmy! It took me a long time to finally find a third recipe that I loved enough to add to this top three list, but I finally did it...and MAN was it worth the wait!

APPROXIMATE MACROS: 424cal | 22gP | 59gC | 13gF | 7.5g fiber

I hope you all enjoyed my mug cakes and I hope you try them all! They're full of nutrition and not to mention SUPER delicious! Make sure to tag me in anything you try & make sure to sign up for my email list (below) for exclusive recipe cards for all of my recipes that you can save and use offline!

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